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Indiana XCEL State

Judging Pannel 
VT - Mary R - CJ
VT - Melissa P
UB - Lisa W - CJ
UB - Kurumi N
BB - Christina G - CJ
BB - Bryon H
FX - Kim B - CJ
FX - Devon F
Alt - Reanin S
Meet Ref - Allison G

Twin Lakes Recreational Center
Bloomington, Indiana

Host Club:
Indiana Gym-Nest

Athlete Entry Fee:
Xcel Bronze & Silver - $85.00 per athlete
Xcel Gold, Platinum & Diamond - $95.00 per athlete

Team Entry Fee:
$50.00 per team
Checks Payable to USA Sports Production 
Mailed to:
USA Sports Production 
PO BOX 29185
Indianapolis, IN 46229 

Athlete registration deadline 
February 28, 2023 - All late registrations will inquire a $25.00 late fee per late per USAG R&P.

Adult: $15.00
Children (ages 5-17): $10.00

Qualification Requirements 
Xcel Bronze - Must Compete at an ISQ before February 27, 2023
Xcel Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond - Must Acquire a 32.00 in the AA at an ISQ before February 27, 2023 to compete in the AA or score an 8.5 or higher on an event(s) before February 27, 2023 in order to compete as an IES on that event(s) at the state meet.


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